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SharePoint Resources and Knowledge Management

May 29, 2009

Lack of “proper” training is a common end user complaint in many SharePoint environments. Hopefully training plans have been developed, but in addition to formal training I have also focused on providing online resources for task and audience based training. Going through this exercise can also provide a great introduction to Knowledge Management concepts that […]

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Supporting Multiple Active Directory Domains

May 28, 2009

In many environments there is more than one Active Directory forest with users that need access to the SharePoint farm. Setting up support for users on multiple domains is pretty easy and can provide new collaborative features for users throughout the extended organization. Trust RelationshipThe only prerequisite is that there has to be a trust […]

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Learning SharePoint – Sys Admin

May 27, 2009

There is no question that the interest level for SharePoint right now is very high. The product has great penetration into the business application mix world wide. The downside to this in the current business climate is that there are an awful lot of people being put in charge of SharePoint farms that have limited […]

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Managing SharePoint Customizations and Change Log

May 25, 2009

In previous posts I wrote about SharePoint Customization Policies and Change Control. That post was pretty high level and at its root questioned the position of some environments that set a No Customization policy. It then gave a brief overview of the types of customizations and how they differ from content changes. I wanted to […]

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Beginning SharePoint Troubleshooting

May 21, 2009

SharePoint can prove to be a pain to troubleshoot if you are new to the system, or do not have a good understanding of the system. I intend to give some basic info on how to get started. Use this as a springboard to build your knowledge of the system. Event ViewerI think it is […]

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SharePoint Saturday – Charlotte

May 21, 2009

Registration for SharePoint Saturday – Charlotte has opened and is available here. The list of speakers has also been announced and is packed with some great SharePoint professionals. Sessions normally run from 9am until 5pm with a break for lunch in the middle. After the event a SharePint event will be available at a local […]

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Great Intro for Content Types

May 16, 2009

Bjørn Furuknaps posted a great overview of Content Types. Understanding and using Content Types effectively is vital to managing structured data and is what allows you to move past an upgraded file share to a real Content Management or Knowledge Management solution. What are SharePoint Content Types?

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