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SharePoint Blogging Tips

Published on June 30, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

I am seeing more and more interest from organizations wanting to use SharePoint’s Blogging capabilities internally.  Blogging can be a great way to communicate and collaborate in an organization, but it is just now getting the mainstream attention and consideration.  Here are some tips and considerations that can help your organization maximize the effectiveness. New […]

Unlocking The Potential of SharePoint With Remote Access

Published on May 27, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

I have been putting a lot of work lately into some general 2010 presentations and one of the messages I’m really concentrating on is Connect anywhere, from any device, with any browser.  I think this is a critical ingredient in enabling SharePoint to be a great Unified Business Collaboration Platform.  It comes down to removing […]

My Sites in the Enterprise: Today and Tomorrow

Published on December 14, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

As we inch closer to SharePoint 2010 and the vast improvements made to the My Sites feature set I thought it might be time to revisit some key concepts when looking to leverage My Sites in an organization.  In many organizations I see My Sites as still under deployed and under utilized.  In some cases […]

Social Computing – Communities

Published on November 16, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

I was very excited when heard that “Communities” was going to be one of the pillars for SharePoint 2010.  I think the Social Computing and Communities aspect is where SharePoint has the potential to really revolutionize business collaboration and computing.  Administrators and Developers don’t have to wait until upgrading to SharePoint 2010 though to start […]

SharePoint Resources and Knowledge Management

Published on May 29, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

Lack of “proper” training is a common end user complaint in many SharePoint environments. Hopefully training plans have been developed, but in addition to formal training I have also focused on providing online resources for task and audience based training. Going through this exercise can also provide a great introduction to Knowledge Management concepts that […]

Enterprise Communication Paths

Published on May 1, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

The communication options and paths within the enterprise has changed dramatically over the last 15-20 years.  More recently though there are some new options on the scene including Micro Blogging tools like Twitter and Yammer.  I think it is a good time to evaluate how your organization communicates in order to better enable them to […]