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Quota Management and Storage Reports in SharePoint 2010

Published on July 5, 2011 By Mike Oryszak

A few years ago I wrote an article about how to enable and work with the Quota Management features in SharePoint 2007 (click here for article) which proved to be a popular post.  Quota Management is a pretty important topic when it comes to SharePoint Governance and overall maintenance of the platform.  While the overall […]

SharePoint Governance and Continuous Improvement

Published on October 25, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

There are a number of reasons why I have seen SharePoint Governance stall in many environments, but one of the most common reasons and the one I would like to address today, is the problem of trying to take or address too much scope at once.  There are a lot of topics that roll into […]

Integrating Open Source Software and Components

Published on April 1, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

Over the past few years there has been tremendous progress in making many components and solutions available in the open source markets like CodePlex, SourceForge, or even individual blogs and sites.  Many of these are community driven projects supported by individuals, with some by commercial companies.  For some reason many companies avoid or strictly limit […]

MySite Provisioning Methods

Published on March 29, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

A number of times over the past few years I have stumbled into discussions (in person or online) about how to automate the creation of MySites for all users in the organization.  Creating the sites programmatically is actually pretty simple, but the real question is “Why do you want to do that?”  There are advantages […]

Site Topology Planning and Taxonomies

Published on January 13, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

In the previous article SharePoint Site Topology Planning I discussed some of the technical implications of organizing the the sites within one or more applications, site collections, and sub-sites.  The article started to get pretty long so I decided to save the taxonomy part of the discussion for a separate article. Organizing Sites In the […]

SharePoint Site Topology Planning

Published on January 11, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

This is the next in a series of articles addressing core SharePoint implementation topics.  I hope that this is valuable to both groups looking to implement SharePoint for the first time as well as groups planning planning for an upgrade or migration to SharePoint 2010. A Series of Containers I tend to think about SharePoint […]

SharePoint Dev and Customization Paths

Published on January 4, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

Microsoft’s technology stack has traditionally offered a lot of good options leaving the developer or architects to choose the best path.  Even still there there have been people camping out on one side or the other.  In the early days when VB first came out the hardcore devs didn’t take it seriously, and I remember […]