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jQuery Random Quote Viewer

Published on December 30, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

While doing some housekeeping recently on my personal site I was tinkering around with a pre-jQuery ajax enabled web part I had written to display random quotes from a SharePoint list on the site. The code was pretty ugly so I decided to adapt the web service call to use jQuery instead in line with […]

Using jQuery to Customize the User Profile Display

Published on November 23, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

The User Profile engine in MOSS Enterprise is pretty powerful.  Out of the box it has some great capabilities and is very easy to setup.  There is support for wide range of field level attributes along with global and personal privacy policies.  The main profile block rendered on the page is very dynamic. The one […]

jQuery Demo – Updating List Items

Published on August 4, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

Marc Anderson recently developed a nice working demo based on the jQuery ListItems Update post I did awhile back. It is a great working demo that helps to illustrate some of the possibilities taking this approach. Check it out! demo page: using jquery to update an item without a form

Using jQuery to Update an Item Without A Form

Published on June 15, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

I have been investigating jQuery for about six months now. There are some great examples of it out on the Internet through sources like Paul Grenier’s “jQuery for Everyone” series on End User SharePoint as well as Jan Tielen’s blog. Most of the examples I have seen relate to using it to change style and […]

TriSPUG July Presentation – Using jQuery to Build a Document Review Application

Published on June 14, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

I just sent in the details for my proposed presentation for the Triangle SharePoint User Group’s July 7th meeting. The meeting will take place at TekSystems Raleigh and run from 6pm – 8pm. The presentation is titled Using jQuery to Build a Document Review Application – Intro to jQuery for SharePoint Developers. I will provide […]