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SharePoint 2010 Migration versus Upgrade

Published on June 7, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

No doubt there are hundreds of companies currently reviewing or planning the move to SharePoint 2010 from previous versions.  The excitement and business interest around the technology is very encouraging.  Before picking an “upgrade” path though, I would encourage teams to compare the Migration paths in addition to the normal Upgrade paths.  Migration Path Taking […]

Managing SharePoint Solutions and Extensions

Published on April 27, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

One of the great things about SharePoint today is the incredible traction that the platform has gained. The depth and range of solutions now offered by vendors along with open source solutions offered by the community really is amazing. It was a different place when I first installed SharePoint Portal Server 2001 back in early […]

Migrate a Site Collection with Different Patch Level and User Accounts

Published on April 19, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

I was recently asked to restore a site collection that was being hosted on an external provider’s network without any SharePoint patches installed. There were also some custom templates installed that had to be tested internally. Bringing this site in took a little extra work. We couldn’t just restore the site collection backup into the […]

SharePoint Active Directory Migrations: Users and Servers

Published on March 30, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

I have been hearing more and more questions recently about Active Directory migrations with relation to SharePoint deployments. It could be from some organizational changes, or because business managers just like to keep people busy. When I had to go through this process during the summer of 2008 I found much less information that I […]