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Finding Duplicate Items and The Duplicates Keyword

Published on April 7, 2013 By Mike Oryszak

I have had a few questions around de-duping files within a SharePoint environment recently so I set off to do some research to identify a good solution.  Based on past experiences I knew that SharePoint identifies duplicates while performing an index of the content so I expected this would be part of the solution. Upon […]

Bulk Updates of User Profile Properties

Published on July 25, 2011 By Mike Oryszak

This past week fellow SharePoint MVP Yaroslav Pentsarskyy posted an excellent PowerShell script for doing bulk updates on the UserProfile properties via PowerShell.  The Bulk Update SharePoint 2010 User Profile Properties is a great script that makes it extremely easy to populate any new fields that are not set to synchronize.  My team has been […]

THE SharePoint PowerShell Module (SPoshMod)

Published on June 10, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

The first release of THE SharePoint PowerShell Module (SPoshMod) is now available on CodePlex. As I mentioned in a previous post, PowerShell is a great tool for SP Admins and Developers to learn. It can really make administration and content deployment tasks easier and repeatable. Take a look and provide feedback to the team!

PowerShell and SharePoint

Published on June 4, 2009 By Mike Oryszak

I come from a development background but the past few years I have been at lot more time on system administration with applications like SharePoint. While there are some good command line tools, I am not a great command line scripter. Getting proper code flow when writing batch files leaves a lot to desired when […]