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Use the Status Bar to Display Active Workflows

Published on August 28, 2011 By Mike Oryszak

Over the past six months I’ve found myself moving more and more towards using the new Client OM for things that I used to use jQuery and SPServices for.  While I still love SPServices, it is not always required and now that I am getting more knowledgeable about how to do things in the Client […]

SPS The Conference Slides and Additional Info

Published on August 12, 2011 By Mike Oryszak

SharePoint Saturday The Conference has been a pretty impressive event so far.  It is amazing how well it has been run which is a real testament to the organizers and volunteers that have made it all happen.  Both of my sessions seemed to go off fairly well, hopefully everyone managed to learn something and has […]

SharePoint Saturday New York– Wrap-up

Published on July 30, 2011 By Mike Oryszak

SharePoint Saturday New York has been a lot of fun with a great set of speakers, volunteers, and attendees.  A big thank you to everyone that sat through my presentation on Developing Reusable Workflow Features.  The slide deck is available here:  http://www.slideshare.net/nextconnect/developing-reusable-workflow-features  And the Visual Studio project is available here:  SPBlueprints.Activities I hope that the […]

A Portfolio Approach to Developing Workflows and Processes

Published on July 18, 2011 By Mike Oryszak

One of the common pitfalls I see with process optimization projects is that they tend to focus on a specific process at a time.  This may be ok when you are just starting out, or working with informal processes, but as the number of complex processes improves it is important to try and take a […]

SharePoint Designer 2010 Available Workflow Actions

Published on June 28, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

A colleague of mine was asking for a comprehensive list of available workflow actions in SharePoint Designer 2010.  I did some searches and couldn’t find the details so I thought I would provide them here. Core Actions Add a Comment  Add Time to Date  Do Calculation  Log to History List  Pause for Duration  Pause until […]

User Profiles – Driving Business Process

Published on June 23, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

The workflow features first introduced in WSS 3.0/MOSS in 2007 and enhanced in the 2010 offerings present an opportunity for organizations with SharePoint to start to automate the coordination of their business processes.  While many have been working with it, one of the limitations I have seen is that everything is localized to a particular […]

Finding the Sweet Spot with Process Improvement

Published on March 22, 2010 By Mike Oryszak

Today while visiting a grocery (super-)store I witnessed a strange event in the parking lot where a couple of guys were “pushing” carts.  This is something I did in high school so it is a task I understand very well.  They had a 60’ plus train of carts along with a motorized device at the […]