Review – Pro SharePoint 2010 Development

I was given the chance to review the Pro SharePoint 2010 Development book recently and I jumped at the opportunity.  I thought that the book for 2007 was critical reading, and with the new changes that come to the 2010 platform it is even more true of the updated book.

It does an excellent job of giving an overview of what is new with SharePoint 2010, what the development tools are (including SharePoint Designer), and how to work with each of the feature areas (Workflow/ECM/WCM/Social/Search/PerformancePoint/etc). Some developers may be critical about the book because it is fairly light on code (there is additional code available on the Wrox website), and there is no comprehensive resource on the API (always up to date and available on MSDN).  With the size and scope of SharePoint at this point it is very difficult to provide deep content on each of the subject areas.  Each topic area can and should be its own book.

Who This Book is Perfect For

I would highly recommend it for Solution Architects and Developers responsible for delivering a number of different types of solutions.  I know many very good SharePoint developers that can code a web part with their eyes closed, but have little understanding on how to take advantage of many of the other areas of the platform (Social, Search APIs).  I think this can be a great ongoing reference when those projects present themselves.

I would also recommend it to ASP.NET developers making the transition to SharePoint.  In the past, the resistance I have seen from ASP.NET developers has primarily been based on their lack of understanding about the platform as a whole.  This book provides an excellent foundation for that understanding. 

I would also recommend this book for IT Decision makers trying to create standards and methodologies around the different types of customizations that will be supported in the organization.  There is good content relating to SharePoint Designer and how to manage its use in the environment.

Who This Book May Not Be For

I would like to think that this book is perfect for any SharePoint developer, but if you can only buy one book and only want to develop one thing then this may not be the right book. 

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