Access to Content Anywhere with SkyDrive

Like many people, my overall tech habits have changed quite a bit over the past few years.  Where I used to work primarily off of only one or two computers and I had good separation between work and personal stuff the lines have gotten a bit blurry.  Microsoft has quietly been really amping up the SkyDrive offering and has built it into a really powerful tool  SkyDrive now gives me the flexibility to easily make my content accessible no matter where I am or what device I am using.

At this point I stay pretty busy between my consulting work, SharePoint community involvement, and attending various tech events.  I find myself all over the place geographically, but also using a slew of devices.  At this point I have a work laptop, a computer for home, a surface tablet, and my phone.  Using SkyDrive I have easy access to that content on each of those devices.  There is now great support for integrating SkyDrive into both the windows (desktop, phone) and non-windows experiences (iOS, Android). 

When I find myself at an event I tend to rely on a tablet device for taking notes with OneNote (the best MS Office tool ever!), and storing those notebooks in the SkyDrive makes the content accessible, while also making sure it is properly backed up. 

I also find that it is helpful for my writing tasks whether it is this blog, or even when I was writing the book for Packt previously.  I had easy access to my notes, from both the regular devices, but also from within my VMs used to support the material.  I’ve found the whole sync process pretty rock solid, and I’m now to the point that I really never use the My Documents folder on any of my windows PCs since all of the content is either stored in either SkyDrive or SharePoint (work and project related content).

Anyone else leveraging the tool?  Has it had a positive impact on your work?

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